Experts suggest oiling your hair to keep hair from falling and loss and increase hair growthbesides being soothing for the scalp. The fatty acids present in oil replenish the loss of lipids in hair, one of the main causes for split ends. Oil locks the cuticles, and makes hair shiny and soft.

There are many hair oils that you can apply such as coconut oil to hibiscus , and castor oil. However, instead of purchasing various oils, mix certain healthy ingredients with pure coconut oil, and get every benefit.

Famous nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s mom Rekha who is constantly suggesting simple, healthy hacks, demonstrated how to make the oil from herbs at home using few ingredients.


20 – Hibiscus flowers30 Neem leaves
30- Curry leaves
5 Onions (small)
1 TSP 1 TSP – Fenugreek seeds
1 – Leaf of Aloe Vera
15 – Jasmine flowers
1 l Coconut oil

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* Soak the fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) in water for a half-hour.
* Cut the aloe vera in smaller pieces.
* Mix every ingredient together.
Mix the ingredients together until you have the coconut oil that is pure.
* Cook at a low temperature for about 45 minutes or until the color change to green.
* Allow it to cool off
* Strain and keep in an glass bottle.

Rekha continued to discuss the advantages of each ingredient. “Hibiscus as well as curry leaves and onion aid greatly in the growth of hair (thickness and length). Neem leaves can prevent lice and dandruff. Aloe vera improves lustre and aids to grow hair. Fenugreek seeds are known for their advantages in general in healthy hair. Jasmine flowers add a scent in this oil.” She advised applying the oil at least twice per week.

A few celebs have also shared how to make your own hair oil from scratch. In the past, Malaika Arora had shared how to make a healthy, pure oil by mixing coconut oil with olive oil, castor and coconut oil. It is also possible to use amla-based products like those explained by Raveena Tandon or onions, as demonstrated by Bipasha Basu, to stop hair loss and boost volume and growth.

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