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Best Tips for Natural and Shiny Hair-Hair Care Tips

Mother Nature has always been the best option to treat your locks an unaffected and efficient treatment. With the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly the numerous advantages of natural treatments are at the forefront. In addition, there is the Covid-19 virus which has further boosted the emphasis on ingredients made from plants to create smooth, strong shiny, and healthy hair. Sanchit Thukral, Founder of Indalo offers insights on certain natural ingredients that make your hair shiny and healthy.

For cleaning

There are many ingredients which act as natural cleanser for hair, we have chosen three that do wonders for your hair. Neem widely known as a remedy for dry skin, is excellent for hair as well. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatoryproperties, as well as antiseptic properties are an effective scalp cleanser. It acts as a moisturizing agent for your hair, and also keeps your scalp healthy, and encourages hair growth.
The next step are tea tree oils, which serves as a powerful solvent for dirt as well as other oily build-ups on the head and hair. It cleans the skin and also helps to absorb moisture. Be sure to be sure to dissolve and dilute the product by using a carrier oil since it’s quite powerful.

Coconut water is an essential ingredient to treat the hair. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties are well-known, and they help with scalp itching and dandruff as well as other infections, too. It also helps to prevent hair loss and also any other infection that hinders hair growth.

For conditioning

The coffee powder is an excellent exfoliant for hair which makes it a fantastic conditioner. A coffee mask is great for hair that is oily or greasy since it scrubs your scalp and gets rid of dead cells. This gives your hair the ideal oil balance that it requires. Since coffee is acidic in nature, it assists in balancing the levels of pH in your hair and scalp.

It is a different natural ingredient that can be great for hair conditioning. Its naturally high acetic acids along with its pH level that is comparable to human hair, has the ability to restore your hair and scalp back to the perfect pH level. Additionally, it provides an organic shine to your hair, while removing it from knots and preventing frizz.

Utilizing rice protein is another straightforward and natural way to nourish your hair. Rice protein is a source of keratin which is what hair strands consist of. It helps keep our hair healthy and retaining its elasticity. Rice protein enhances the strength and elasticity of your hair, while keeping it silky smooth and well-moisturized.

As hair serum

Cow ghee or desi Ghee can be used as a hair serum since it’s loaded with vitamin E, an ingredient that is active in a variety of products for skincare and hair that fight ageing. Ghee’s oily consistency helps to seal moisture on your scalp and helps reduce irritation and causes less frizz.

Almond oil is a great repair and strengthening agent for hair. Almonds are lubricating and reduce friction when styling hair. It improves blood flow to the scalp when applied directly to it. It also has powerful antioxidants that do wonders for your scalp too. It also moisturizes damaged hair, enhances the health of your scalp and stops hair loss.

The traditional amla, also known as Indian gooseberry has been known to stop the loss of hair and premature greying of hair. With vitamin C in abundance, it helps strengthen and condition hair strands and roots while encouraging hair growth. In addition, moisturizing aids hair growth and decreases the dandruff.

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