Chloe Fineman on Hair Conditioner and Makeup

Her hilariously accurate celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live are what make her famous, but Chloe Fineman, 33, is also making a name for themselves off-screen. Pantene is the latest partnership for the comedian. Here’s a look at Fineman’s hair-care routine, artistic process, and some backstage insight. (Hint: Celebrities love Pat McGrath.)

Why is this Pantene partnership?

“I was a Pantene girl growing up. I was able to pick up my shampoo and conditioner at Target or in the grocery store. It just makes hair silky smooth. You know what? I was a 90s child, so I grew-up with the iconic Pantene ads. This partnership is truly a dream come real.”

You can’t even count how many wigs have you worn throughout your career. How can you maintain your hair’s health?

Pantene conditioner is a lifesaver for my hair. I use the Moisturizing Conditioner on Sundays. I then lather up with it. It really does help. Then I let it go for the rest of the week, and then I look like a crazy bust [laughs]. I let my hair go. It can get crazy tangled up. A big hair clip is a great option. I no longer use hair ties. I don’t use hair ties anymore. You’ll also see me wearing a beanie to hide what’s underneath.

How can you impersonate someone and get into character? Preparation must be intense, I’m sure.

“I believe I was fortunate to have access to the brilliant women on SNL. I learned from them how we all watch YouTube videos for over 100 hours and that long interviews are a big hit with us. It’s quite a lot of watching. Even as an Anna Delvey, I watched Inventing Anna for an embarrassing number of hours.

Is there a particular impersonation that you love?

“I believe that I have a tendency to think the latest is best, so I am very happy with the way my Julia Garner-Anna Delvey hybrid turned. She was in the bathroom of the Met Gala when I met her, which is a very psychotic brag sentence [laughs]. Ella Emhoff and her. She coyly said, “Where’s your impression?” And that was many months ago. That was so special, it was like ‘Tada!

Drew is also a part of me. It’s my inner flower child. I come from hippy-doodles so it was easy for me to love Drew. People are often like “Oh my God!”

Are you able to hear often from celebrities that you impersonate? They’re all great sports, I’m certain.

“I believe that’s why it’s so frightening! It would have been shocking if someone knew that I had done them before SNL. With SNL, you’re kind of like, “Oh, God!” I recall doing Miley Cyrus, and a producer said, “I texted Miley, it was great!”

There is no pressure. Do you know any beauty secrets from backstage? You’re sure to have mastered the art and science of quick changes.

“It is all because of how quick SNL is. You can use it as a highlighter, blush, or even shimmer it for your lips if you are, I don’t know, a party girl. That’s quite interesting and fun. I moisturize like crazy. I was almost sucked into Augustinus Bader country. It’s incredible. It’s a game-changer.”

What’s the best way to wind down after a long day of filming?

“Horrifying true crimes or like con-artist documentaryaries. Jeffrey Epstein is what I’m looking at. I don’t know. It’s bad. That is what my boyfriend hates. He says, “Why are you watching that?” He watches cartoons. It’s all about disturbing, creepiest, and most disturbing things to me

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