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CHOSEN launches Caffeine based Hair Growth Serum Under the Morning Lark Redensyl Banner

CHOSEN(r), a botanical-based hair-growth serum, has launched a new product that accelerates hair growth. Caffeine has been used for years to control hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Redensyl and Caffeine will likely speed up the response time. This product addresses this problem.

CHOSEN launches Caffeine-based Hair Growth Serum under the Morning Lark  Redensyl Banner
Users are more likely to be satisfied with their results sooner than they were later, which is crucial for long-term, sustainable results. Morning Lark Redensyl, a dermatologist-tested formula, is safe and effective for protecting your precious hair. “Morning Lark Redensyl” is available at a price of Rs 3850. It comes in a 42 ml package. This powerful hair growth serum is designed to directly target hair follicle stem cell and boost keratin. It reduces hair fall, supports existing hair growth, and helps them grow longer and more strong,” Punitha Vijayakrishnan (Head of Outreach Marketing at CHOSEN), said. She said that Morning Lark Redensyl is a great hair growth serum to include in your hair care routine, regardless of whether you suffer from male or female hair loss, hair fall after illness, or hair thinning.

You can reduce hair loss by applying 5-6 pumps of Morning Lark Redensyl daily to the areas you want. Give your hair a good massage for three to four minutes every day for 12 weeks. You will only see results if you are consistent with your hair care regimen.

They use science to make people look and feel good at CHOSEN(r). They have to spend years researching and testing the products, collaborating with some of the most respected minds in the industry. Only then can they produce a product that meets the high standards set by CHOSEN.

CHOSEN is dedicated to developing and offering innovative products that contain high-performing ingredients. CHOSEN’s clinical expertise is what really makes them stand out. This knowledge helps them create high-performance products.



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