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Coco & Eve, Just Released A Pre-Shampoo Treatment that Could be the key to stronger Hair

With chemical treatment, hot styling, or even sun exposure hair health could suffer a significant blowout. If you’re finding that your hair feels less dry than usual, or becoming more knotted and tangled, a restorative treatment such as the latest release by Coco & Eve, can assist in strengthening and protecting the hair at a more profound level. Combining cutting-edge science with ingredients from the tropical region that are sourced responsibly Coco and Eve’s Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment joins the established line of body, hair and self-tanning items.

Are you curious about Coco and Eve’s most recent invention? Continue reading for all the information.

Coco&Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Coco & Eve’s most recent launch is a shampoo treatment that helps to repair damaged bonds in your hair.

How It Works

The reason Coco and Eve’s Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment is extremely effective is that it utilizes a highly advanced bond-building polymer that promotes stronger hair. Without completely taking you back to your science classes there are three chemical bonds that make up hair: disulfide hydrogen and ionic. These bonds gives your hair its strength and flexibility, however chemicals like treatments (including highlights for your hair) and hot tools may make them break in time. This is why it is that the Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment comes in, thanks to its bond-building polymer, which is able to penetrate hair and focus on the three structural bonds. Furthermore, the treatment comes with essential oils that nourish hair, such as avocado, coconut, Apricot, and pomegranate. These oils protect against future damage. they work together to restore the moisture and close split ends, leaving hair looking more smooth and shiny. In a research study that involved 20 women who had bleached hair, 88% saw a decrease in split ends and breakage after applying this Bond Building treatment.


Who is it suitable for?

People who have curly, straight and wavy hair may benefit from this treatment when they’re showing signs of damage from chemical processes, the use of hot styling tools as well as environmental aggressors. The name of the product suggests that this Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment was specifically designed to be applied prior to you wash your hair. You’ll need you to moisten your hair then rub 2 to 3 applications of the product to the hair with your fingers or with a combing. After letting the treatment be in place over 10 minutes completely clean it out, and then apply your preferred shampoo.

More Information About The Brand

The inspiration for Coco & EVE’s co-founder, Emily Hamilton, while traveling in Bali She began to build a brand was focused on incorporating Bali’s tropical ingredients into scientifically-based cosmetics. Ingredients such as cacao, coconut, fig and mango are a staple in the Coco & Eve’s line of products. The brand responsibly sources these ingredients from suppliers who are environmentally friendly and partners, which include those who can be ECOCERT certified.

In line with their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients All the products of Coco & Eve free of silicones, sulfates and parabens as well as phthalates as well as mineral oils, petroleum as well as palm oil. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan and have packaging that’s 100 100% recyclable.

Store The Coco & Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

If you’re experiencing symptoms of hair loss (like dryness and brittleness or split ends) Consider including Coco & Eve’s shampoo treatment to your daily routine.

Coco&Eve Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Are you a Coco & Eve convert? Perhaps you are just intrigued by the brand? Here are some other items you could enjoy.

Coco and Eve Like A Hair Masque that is Virgin

Like A Virgin Hair Masque - Fig & Coconut Oil Hair Masque | Coco & Eve

The mask that began the entire process. The mask that started it all. Coco & Eve launched with this hair savior a few many years ago. It has earned the attention of a large crowd and has won multiple beauty awards for its ability to transform dry, brittle hair using ingredients such as coconut fruit extract argan kernel oil and fig extract. This Like A Virgin Hair Masque is a 5-in-1 treatment that takes just 10 minutes to replenish the moisture level, boost shine and seal split ends and lessen frizz. It is designed to be used after you wash your hair (and as a substitute for your conditioner) The treatment is able to be used multiple times per week, or to treat your hair overnight in case your hair is extremely dry.

Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Bundle

Sunny Honey Bronzing Self Tanning Bundle | Coco & Eve


Given that Coco and Eve was influenced by and developed with ingredients from the island of Bali and Bali, it’s no wonder that the brand is a master of the art of sun-kissed skin. To achieve a bronzed look at any time of the season (and in the comfort of your home) you can try the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Bundle. The three-piece set includes the velvet tanning mitt and Kabuki brush for an effortless application, along with the option of choosing medium, dark as well as ultra-dark, tanning mousse. Whatever shade you pick the formula is light and develops within two hours with a green-gray base that removes orange tones and gives an attractive, natural-looking golden tanning look (just ensure you rinse the guide color first). The tanner that smells tropical aids in hydrating your skin thanks to ingredients such as mango fruit, coconut oil extract as well as the extract of cocoa seeds.



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