If you’ve got naturally curly hair then you are aware of the struggles in taking care of and styling your curly locks. Curly hair tends to be dry, and prone to frizz and is often unpredictable. Once you’ve found an appropriate routine that suits the curly you you’ll be rocking the soft, smooth curls all day long.
The key to understanding how to maintain a healthy curly style is to first identify the type of curly hair you’ve got. There are 10 distinct classifications of hair types. The first starts with the type 1 which refers to perfect straight hair. The remaining nine types vary in levels of curls. The curly hair types are divided into three major categories, curly, wavy and coily, with the type 2A having loose “S”-shaped curls, and type 4C, which is the tightest curly, kinkiest curls.

When you have identified the type of curly hair you prefer, you’ll be able choose products and methods that provide you with the look and curls that you like. The process of finding a curly hair style that you like can be a matter of trial and trial and. Here are some of our top methods and techniques for curls that will assist curly-haired ladies everywhere to get those gorgeous locks you’ve always wanted.

Our Top 10 Curly Hair Tips

1. Find a Curly Hair Routine That Works for You.

As we’ve already said that the type of products and methods that you choose to use will be influenced by the kind of curls you’re working with. The more tighter curls tend to be dryer and denser, as well as more susceptible to breaking as compared to soft waves. This implies that you’ll require thicker creams, hydrating creams, and gels to maintain your curls. For those who have wavy hair, avoid products that are heavy that could make hair heavier, leaving the hair look limp, unnatural and oily.

Find out more about your hairstyle, and don’t be afraid test new techniques and products that are recommended for you. You might find a magic product that can meet your needs for styling, or you may discover that mixing a number of products can yield more results.

2. Don’t overwash

Be aware that curly hair tends to be dry and frizz-prone. The natural oils that are produced by the scalp which keep straight hair hydrated and shiny can’t traverse the kinks and curls of a curly strand. The less frequent washing of your hair will help keep your curls in more moisture and remain more supple, smoother, and healthier. When you shampoo ensure that you make use of a hair shampoo specifically designed for curls , to aid in defining and detangling your hair. When you’re not having a day off you can try using dry shampoo on your scalp and your roots or wash your hair with moisture-rich conditioner and water for curls to revive your hair.

3. Detangle Gently.

Brushes and curls don’t go together. Cleanse your locks with the wide-toothed comb, and lots of nourishment leave-in conditioner. Start from the ends to the roots, slowly moving through snarls and breaking curls.

4. Start Styling When Hair Is Wet.

A variety of styling sprays, gels mousses, sprays and other products designed specifically designed for curly haired women are made for use on hair that is damp. They’re designed to penetrate deeply into hair’s fibers, smoothing, shaping and conditioning hair for incredibly soft curly hair.

5. Scrunch Those Curls.

Place your locks in the palms of your hands and gently scrunch upwards using with your styling gel or mousse gently into each hair strand. The scrunching process adds volume and definition to your curls, leaving them soft and shiny.

6. Use a Diffuser or Air Dry Your Hair.

If you have curls, it’s recommended to avoid the hot water and use products that can style your hair. If you’re on the run and you absolutely must blow-dry you can turn the heat lower, and then apply diffusers to reduce friction.

7. Use a Heat Protectant If You’re Going To Blow-Dry or Use Hot Tools.

We get it. Sometimes you’re looking to change up your look. However, before you grab the curling wand, or (gasp!) the flat-iron, make sure to use a quality heat-protecting product that creates a smooth and secure barrier between your hair’s curls and the damaging heat. If you’re looking to provide the maximum protection for your hair from becoming damaged and dry, you can use Detox & Repair sprays. For tips on how to straighten curly hair, follow our advice!

8. Add Better Definition To Wavy Hair With a Curling Iron or a No-Heat Curling Technique.

Hair that is wavy can be difficult to understand. It’s not exactly curly, but definitely not straight. Give those curls some help by squishing them in a mousse that enhances curls, or spraying them with the texture-enhancing sea salt spray. You can then treat uneven or sloppy areas using the curling iron or non-heat method like pin-curling.

9. Deep Condition Often.

Curly hair types typically require more moisture because of their dryness. Alongside your regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners A hair mask every week will help to repair damage on the surface for curly hair by getting rid of frizz and returning it to healthy hair.

10. Trim Those Curls.

The ends of hair are known to be the tiniest and dryest parts of the hair strand. Regular trimming can avoid and repair damage as well as split ends, and restore your curls’ bounce and elasticity.

Are you enjoying the new curls style? Explore more of our tips on hair care to care for your curly locks.

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