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Different type of Hair colours for your hair to look great- Hair Care Tips

Hair coloring is a trend for quite a while now and it’s the most effective method to get an entirely new appearance to match the season. Similar to haircuts, colouring your hair can also help you psychologically get over a toxic relationship, sad circumstance or whatever issue you’re struggling with within your own life. A new style can trigger several modifications that you’d like to implement into your daily the world. There are a myriad of colors to choose from for your hair, burgundy remains an appropriate and secure option when it comes to Indian complexion tones. Burgundy hair colour is also available in various shades ranging from deep burgundy through wine-hue, to a reddish variant of the same color, providing you with many options to pick from.

Here are six color shades of burgundy:


1. Wine burgundy hair dye


This permanent hair color from Garnier is a stunning shade of burgundy, with an icy touch. The creamy creme, which is non-drip and easy-to-use formula comes with complete and includes gloves, colourant conditioner, and developer. It’s suitable for every Indian complexion tones.


2. Deep burgundy hair colour


The deep burgundy shade of Revlon’s hair is the one will give you vintage Hollywood style. It’s enriched with silk proteins that ensure that hair is in good health and provides a deep multidimensional colours that are as natural and durable.


3. Light burgundy hair colour


Rich in aloe vera and milk protein, don’t fret about your hair falling or having brittle hair because this colour will soften your hair with a an enduring light burgundy glow that lasts for a long time. The Godrej set comes in four pieces with a guidebook explaining how to color the hair you have at home in a matter of minutes.



4. Natural burgundy hair colour


The natural hair color that is derived from the strength of eight herbs creates hair’s shield. It shields it from the sun’s damaging effects and pollution. The extracts of herbs prevent split ends, dandruff and help to build up hair with silky smooth shine.


5. Burgundy henna powder


Made up of Amla Powder, Shikakai powder Reetha powder, and other natural ingredients this organic mixture is safe for your hair, and won’t alter the texture. The color is ready for apply and doesn’t need to be mixed with an application developer. It is easy to apply straight out of the applicator.


6. Semi-permanent vegan burgundy hair colour


It is made from organic extracts, this hair color gives an intense dark burgundy hue without stripping away the natural moisture content of your hair. The rich and lasting colour rebuilds damaged hair by making a hydrating gel which fills the void of tears in the cuticle.


How can you color one’s hair in your home?


While parlours and saloons might cost a lot of money for hair colouring , you can do it at home. All you require is a hair colour that you can purchase on the list above and a set of hair dye which includes a mixing bowl as well as the brush, and the divider brush.


Conduct a strand test prior to applying the color. Mix the colour powder in developer or water in the amount stated on the instructions card. Comb your hair thoroughly and then apply the colour in every strand piece by piece. Allow it to dry for a couple of minutes or even an hour, according to the instructions and then wash it off with cold water.


A deep, burgundy colour is appropriate to any of the Indian skin tones. It’s an essential choice if you’re someone who is a fashion-conscious person who loves exploring different hair colors and styles.

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