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What is dry hair?

Dry hair occurs when your hair does not maintain enough moisture. This can cause a loss of shine and makes it appear dull and frizzy.

Hair loss can be a problem for both men and women of all ages however, it is more likely that you develop it as you grow older.

Your hair is comprised from three different layers. In the event that your hair’s condition is excellent, the natural oils found in the outer layer aid in protecting the inner layer. The oils also reflect light and make it appear more shiny. Lust and sheen are two of the most important indicators that your hair is healthy.

If the hair becomes dry the outer layer begins to break down, which causes it to look dull, unhealthy and unattractive.

Dry hair is caused by a variety of causes.

There are many factors that can contribute to dry hair, such as the environment, your hair care practices, and even your physical health.

A few of the environmental conditions that may cause dry hair are:

  • living in a hot, dry climate
  • having a lot of fun on the beach or in the the wind
  • often swimming in chlorinated, or salty waters.

Hair care techniques that frequently cause dry hair are:

  • Washing your hair often is not enough.
  • by using harsh shampoos, conditioners or styling products
  • coloring or chemically treating your hair
  • frequently drying your hair by blow-drying it
  • with electric curling irons, straighteners or curlers

In certain instances dry hair can be due to an illness which affects your hair’s capacity to hold moisture. Examples include:

  • Anorexia-nervosa an eating disorder Anorexia nervosa may result in malnutrition. It could cause dry and brittle hair as well as more serious issues.
  • Hypoparathyroidism If you are suffering from hypoparathyroidism, your parathyroid gland located in your neck produces too small amounts of parathyroid hormone, which lowers the calcium level within your blood. Calcium is a vital mineral for healthy hair and teeth, bones and various other tissues.
  • Hypothyroidism:ith hypothyroidism the thyroid glands fail to create adequate thyroid hormones. Dry and brittle hair is just one of the signs that are early on in this disorder.
  • Menkes Syndrome: If you’re suffering from Menkes syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder the cells in your body don’t absorption enough of copper. Insufficient copper absorption can affect the health of your hairand leading to dryness.

Dry hair is a sign of dryness.

If you’re suffering from dry hair, and it does not improve with changes to your routine for hair care Make an appointment with your physician. They could be able determine the root reason. They could be able to refer the patient to a dermatologist one who is specialized in hair and skin issues.

During your visit with your dermatologist or physician, they will ask you questions regarding your health issues, hair care regimen, and life style for example:

  • How long have you been suffering from dry hair?
  • How often do you wash your hair?
  • What hair products are you using?
  • What tools do use for styling your hair?
  • What is your typical diet include?
  • Do you experience any other signs?

They’ll likely check your scalp and hair. In certain instances they may request several tests. For instance, they might take a sample of your urine or blood to look for the presence of specific medical conditions, for example, hypoparathyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Dry hair treatment

In many instances it is possible to treat dry hair by making simple adjustments. Here are some suggestions options to consider:

  • Do not wash your hair each throughout the day.
  • Make sure to condition your hair each when you shampoo it.
  • Make sure you use a conditioner and shampoo designed to suit the hair type you have.
  • Use moisturizing styling products.
  • Do not use using chemical-based hair treatment.
  • Reduce the frequency of blow-drying your hair.
  • Do not use flat irons or curling irons or electric rollers.

Regular shampooing can strip the hair of oils that protect it and cause dryness. Consider washing your hair only at least once or twice per week instead. You can also apply oils to your hair or leave-in conditioners for added the luster and softness.

Find a range of hair oils and leave-in conditioners on the internet.

In order to protect your hair from sun and heat exposure is equally important. If you reside in a dry climate be sure to wear a hat every time you are outdoors, and stay clear of exposure for long periods to cold or dry air. Hair protection is essential. from salt and chlorine by wearing a cap for bathing when you are swimming in a pool or at the ocean.

If a medical issue is the cause of your dry hair Your doctor might suggest medication or other treatments to treat it. Hair growth may improve after you have treated the cause. Talk to your doctor to determine the most appropriate treatments for you.

The final line

Dry hair is an indication of damage to your hair. If you don’t treat it your hair may be brittle and cause it to break or to fray easily.

Dry hair is a common problem that are easily treated by simple changes in lifestyle.

If you are experiencing dry hair that is not getting better you should consult your physician. They will help you determine the root of your hair’s dryness and suggest remedies.

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