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From Kareena Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, Bollywood Divas and Their Hair Hacks for Healthy Hair

These tips are from some of your favorite actresses to achieve gorgeous, silky hair every day!

The hair can make or break your day. It is an integral part of a person’s identity, so people tend to do more to take good care of their hair. With the increasing lifestyle changes, hair is one of the most vulnerable to damage. This can lead to problems such as dryness, dandruff, and hair falling.

These are the most difficult problems to tackle, so hair must be given effective solutions that produce positive results. What better way to get gorgeous hair than from Bollywood’s top actresses? Here you go! These Bollywood stars inspire and entertain us with their captivating performances. Here are some effective hacks to achieve healthy hair.

#1. Kareen Kapoor oiling for hair

It is hard to believe that the Queen of Millions would swear by oiling for beautiful hair. It is true. Kareena prefers to use the old-fashioned, traditional way of oiling her hair. Oil massages for hair help to increase blood circulation and strengthen it from the root to the tip. Oil massages can also make hair livelier and healthier.

Priyanka Chopra is a globally renowned desi girl who loves to make her hair look even better by using hair masks. These hair masks can be made from ingredients that are readily available at home. This makes hair silky smooth and soft, and it also gives them a lot of energy.

Katrina takes the best care of her hair and prefers to be practical and minimalist in her hair care. She is a leading actress of her generation and she makes sure her hair doesn’t suffer from her busy schedule. To keep them frizz-free, undamaged and without tangles, she uses hair serums and leave-on-conditioners to make the hair appear vibrant.

#2. Deepika Padukone’s cold-water hair wash

Deepika Padukone believes that a little change can make a big difference. She takes great care of her hair, displaying it in a variety of styles. Deepika adheres to a single rule: use cold water for hair washing instead of hot. Cold water locks moisture in the roots, and closes the cuticles during washing to prevent hair from breaking.

#3. Alia Bhatt’s leave on-oil hack

Actresses must deal with everything, from high makeup to strong lighting to heating products. Alia Bhatt loves to take care of her hair and skin. She oils her hair the day before shampooing it and then keeps it in place overnight. It provides nourishment and protection for hair strands, as well as protecting them from heat damage and other hazards during shoots.

Hair is a great place to use onions, and Bipasha Basu swears by them. Freshly extracted onion juice is applied to her hair to strengthen it against breakage. In its raw form, the onion juice provides nourishment for hair and boosts hair growth. It can also increase the amount of collagen in the scalp.

#4. Kangana Ranaut’s hair spas

Kangana Ranaut, an actress of great stature, looks stunning in her naturally curled hair. Her hair is a focal point of attention and it’s obvious why. Kangana manages her hectic schedule and finds time to visit the salon to get hair spas to restore it from dryness or damage.

The scalp is just like our skin. It needs to be scrubbed every once in a while. This scrub is gentler than regular skin scrubs. The talented Yami Gautam shares a simple and effective home hair scrub. She uses honey, sugar, and turmeric to naturally scrub her scalp. This will remove dead hair cells from the roots of your hair and enhance the effectiveness of shampoo.

Which one of these hacks would be your favorite? Tell us.




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