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The main stylist shares easy tips to better take care of your summer’s most beautiful look

Famous hair stylist, Darshan Yesalekar who has hairstyled celebrities like Ranveer Singh Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and more He believes that summer is an exhausting time for all in terms of hair health concerns. As he puts it, “Self care should not be a thing that is only seasonal. Be committed to your overall health grooming, hair health and grooming every day. Self-esteem is an essential aspect of self-care. If you take care of your health, nutrition and fitness, every thing in your daily life is going to be improved and it will have a positive impact on the way you appear and feel.”

He gives simple advice to keep your crowning glory healthy during the summer time:

Hair is washed in the right way

Regularly wash your hair using gentle shampoos since the accumulation of sebum, sweat and dirt during the summer months can lead to hair falling. No matter what time of year it is don’t apply unscented hair shampoo straight on the skin. Mix it and then apply it evenly throughout your hair. Applying large hair blobs in one area can cause your hair to thin around that spot. Avoid washing your hair excessively hot and always select products made from mild ingredients to increase the texture, volume and shine your hair. Don’t apply conditioner to the scalp, and only apply it on your hair.

Hair protection away from sun damage

First start, make sure that your hair is styled according with the time of the year. Many of the most watched stars wear hairstyles with top knots or swept-up styles on their sets, and also when going out in summer, it is not a good idea to wear a messy hairstyle that will that sweats a lot and can cause irritation to your skin. Use a scarf or an umbrella to shield your hair from sun. Don’t swim in chlorinated water without a cap. Also, wash your hair after each dip. Avoid using tools that cause heat and use the appropriate brush or comb to gently loosen hair after washing. Don’t use rough towels and keep your patience in removing long hair. Make sure to clean your brushes and combs frequently to ensure your hair is clean.

Make sure your hair is moisturised

The tried and tested, home-made products for hair that soothe your scalp and condition hair using ingredients like bananas and curd, etc. are a great method for your hair to be nourished. Regularly oiling your hair if your scalp is dry, increasing your the intake of water along with using products which do not remove moisture from your hair should be on your weekly list of things to do. Conditioners that leave-in are recommended by your stylist may help with dryness.

Improve your diet

What you put into your body will show in the health of your hair in any season, so make sure you eat healthy foods and greens without making your nose squint take eight glass of water, and take supplements if suggested by your physician and follow an appropriate diet. Concentrate on easy routines that you can maintain regularly and remember that every gesture of self-care could help to improve your outer glow.

Have more fun with your hairstyle

I observe a lot women stuck in a certain style that they aren’t willing to change, but I want them to realize that life is about taking risks. This summer, try experimenting with your length, hair color and consult your stylist about which style you prefer for your face. Are you looking to cut years off of your life? A new hairstyle could assist you in achieving it! Select a color that is most suitable for your hair , and then take every step you can to keep it. Maintaining your hair is essential to excellent grooming. Trim your split ends frequently and don’t ever let your hair go unnoticed. Particularly in summer.

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