Harklinikken Hair Care Center can provide best solution for your Hair

We’ve heard it all, from taking vitamins to drinking more fluid and taking Minoxidil (or Rogaine) – we have. What if there was one product that could solve all your hair-thinning problems?

Both men and women can experience the pain (or indignities of) thinning hair. However, it is less common to talk about female hair loss. This silence seems odd considering that many women consider their hair an extension of who they are, if not for the pun intended.

Female hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including styling mistakes and hormonal imbalances. Our hair is not nourished by adding nutrients to our skin or adding them to our diet. Instead, we use hot tools and harsh chemicals to ruin our beautiful locks. You might regret the day you used a straightener on your hair, or your thin hair. Is there?

A New Look

Bazaar Arabia met Lars Skjoth (Danish founder and chief researcher of Harklinikken) at their recently refurbished clinic in Jumeirah Beach. It isn’t your average salon. Instead, it looks more like a high-end plastic surgeon’s or dermatologist’s office. With its clean architectural details and elegant cream color palette, the space exudes Scandinavian minimalism. The main entrance leads to the second floor, where Lars has his private consultations.

The Products

Harklinikken’s whole hair growth line, which includes everything you need, from shampoo to mask, is made from natural ingredients. Their holy grail product, the Extract, is their most popular product. The Extract is a leave-in serum that can be customized to combat hair loss. Each client receives a customized formula based on their hair type and thinning patterns. Lars isn’t very clear about the process of creating the product. However, he says that he has it down to science. He emphasizes the use natural growth factors which he spent years studying how to cultivate them from nature.

Persistence & Daily Regimen Are Key

The brand’s ethos is reflected in the space, which is open and free-flowing with minimal ornamentation. Harklinikken, Danish for hair clinic, views hair care as a daily routine or exercise program. You won’t see results in a matter of hours if you apply a new cream to your skin or go to the gym for one session. Self-care is a lifelong, daily commitment. Your hair care routine should not be any different. Lars explained that part of the consultation process includes determining if the client is motivated to do what they ask. He doesn’t pretend to have a quick solution for hair growth. You must apply the product daily. He will show clients before and after photos, even if they are months apart. We were pleasantly surprised at the results. The testimonials include women and men of all ages. There are even a few celebrities who have tested everything.

Image source;https://images.app.goo.gl/wtcpz6vtNc7Vi9o86

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