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Maintaining the smooth and frizz-free look of your hair is similar to trying to catch lightning in bottles. Sometimes, it works flawlessly without much effort. In other instances it is impossible to find miracle products, elixirs or hair-care hacks can give similar results.

In the midst of diet, stress genetics, stress, and exposure to environmental factors hair is prone to finding many ways to become flat and lose its shine and then swell into a frizz. The how we sleep can affect our hair’s appearance on the following day.

So that the moment TikToker Ashley Pangallo revealed her innovative hair-style hack We were skeptical. But if her beautiful locks are an indication, there’s an explanation behind her genius.

As it appears, we’ve been searching for silky smooth frizz-free hair, but in the wrong place.

To Prevent Frizz, We Must Know Frizz

“Frizz” is commonly used as a generic term to describe unruly, wild hair. What exactly is it? Frizz is a term used to describe hair curls or strands of hair that appear to be outside of the hair’s uniform appearance. It can make hair appear as if it’s multi-textured or fuzzy.

Genetics, dehydration, and hair loss can make hair frizzy. But, the way we sleep is also a possible cause. The motion of turning and tossing against your mattress at night can cause damage to the cuticle of your hair and result in more breakage , and consequently the appearance of frizz.

The silk pillow you sleep on is one way to prevent frizz from the night.

We also recommend this hair mask with elastic created for and worn by Audrey Hepburn.

However, TikToker Ashley Pangallo offers an alternative solution. It’s simpler, cost less, and could be to be in your drawers of dressers right now.

Stop Frizz In Its Tracks

In her instructional videos, Pangallo demonstrates how to wrap her hip-length, long hair into a typical fluffy socks. It doesn’t appear to have any additional noises, bells, or whistles. It’s more socks that turn into a dime-a dozen in the winter months.

She wrapped the portion of her hair’s bottom in a sock, leaving it loose. There aren’t any clips, elastic ties or hairbands to tie it up. While this innovative method appears simple enough, it does not appear like something that could be beneficial to those with shorter or medium-length hair.

However, if you happen to have hair that falls to your hips or lower back it is a low-stress and cost-effective way to combat frizz for the duration of. In a follow-up video Pangallo rips off her hair-sock, revealing curly hair, without frizz.

While this unique hairstyle might not be suitable for all however, it’s likely to be beneficial for a few of us. Given how simple and cost-effective it is it’s certainly worth trying. If you fail it’s that you can return to your comfy shoes on the floor, and not on your head.

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