I contracted COVID at first in May 2021. although I became extremely sick, the illness passed within two weeks. However, I noticed as time went by that my hair began to fall out. At the point when the trees began changing I lost the majority of my locks. I was extremely angry at times, anxious, and depressed about it. The pressure of school and the anxiety of stressing about it had added to the stress. I saw an endocrinologist, and many people were suffering from this unanticipated side effect after coronavirus. There are a variety of reasons and causes for hair loss such as Alopecia caused by cancer, chemotherapy, and even medications. Whatever the cause the following are ways that I have brought my hair back during the last year.

Don’t be worried! The time will heal you and eventually, your hair will expand back to normal. After learning about this, I saw complete transformations. For instance, my once straight hair is now curly!

  1. If you are using heat, stop.
    1. Do not blowdry, curl, or straighten it all. If there is a particular occasion you’d like to get your hair done for, I urge you to protect your hair with a heat-resistant. In other words, avoid the heat as much as you can.
  2. Make sure you have a hair brush that is gentle for your hair
    1. I suggest a moist brush.
  1. Do not clean your hair daily.
    1. This was a difficult one for me to handle when I wasn’t on a regular schedule of it. Hair that is oily can ruin your mood or make you feel miserable and make you feel miserable, excessive washing is worse to your hair. It’s not an easy routine to begin If you are struggling to start, I would suggest cleaning your hair once a week.
  1. Sleep a lot and drink plenty in water.
    1. This one can be beneficial to your general health however it has an enormous impact on the growth of your hair too! A healthy you means healthy hair.
  1. Do not be a hairdresser.
    1. Don’t tie your hair every day. While exercising or having an unpleasant hair day, it can be solved with the use of a ponytail however, a tight tie can be detrimental to your hair. If you have for your hair to stay off it, I suggest using a looser object, such as clips.
  1. Silk pillowcase
    1. They are inexpensive investment, and are extremely beneficial for hair oils as well as your face. They sell them for as little at $10 amazon.com and can transform your hair!
  1. Vitamins and products I suggest:
    1. Viviscal Thickening Elixir
    2. Viviscal supplements
    3. Shampoo and conditioner with Viviscal
    4. Tea Tree thickening spray
    5. Shampoo and conditioner Treetree
    6. Scalp massager
    7. Nutra Champs biotin gummies



Imagesource: https://images.app.goo.gl/evTJyztPU4iFppSa8


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