If you’ve ever imagined having frizz-free, long hair it’s not necessary to be anymore

It’s not a secret that no one is better than Koreans in terms of the beauty regimens they follow. They are known for their smooth hair and shiny skin and their beauty standards are extremely high in the K-beauty world. If you’ve ever dreamed of having frizz-free, long hair, it doesn’t need to be a wish any longer. With this five-step Korean hair care tutorial to discover the beauty of your hair with healthy locks.


Often referred to as’scalp-scaling commonly referred to as’scalp scaling’ Koreans spend their time cleaning the scalp with the method of stream-scrub-rinse. Utilizing a gel for scaling that is suited to your hair’s needs and a gentle massage the process can last between two and three hours however, it leaves your scalp clear and encourages hair growth.


Instead of using the drugstore brands, think about investing in the gentle shampoos. Parabens and other toxic chemicals are not recommended for conditioners and shampoos with two-ins. The cleanser shouldn’t dry your hair out or alter the equilibrium of the pH in your hair. The aim is to clean delicately.


Dry your hair thoroughly prior to applying a nourishing and conditioning conditioner. It allows your hair to absorb conditioner more effectively and reduces the risk that your hair is likely to become knotted or frizzy.


There are two ways to go to moisturize your hair: Hair masks to prevent breaks or damage, or buy caps that hydrate your hair. The concept is to seal the moisture in and treat your hair in a way that leaves hair feeling well-hydrated.


If you’ve ventured far enough in the world of Korean beauty, you should have encountered serums for hair and skin. It’s time to explore our world of scalp toners, scalp serums and even hair essence. Toners for scalp assist in fighting pollution and dandruff. The scalp serum protects your hair follicles as well as promotes growth of your hair. Hair essence is able to do all the things that a hair serum can do without making your hair heavy and oily. They could be good investments , after all.

Always remember your hair’s requirements and research the ingredients of any hair product you buy.


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