Onion Shampoo for your healthy hair-Hair Care Tips

Today everyone and the majority of women are afflicted with the issue of hair loss, or hair breakage. In this case there are many ways to deal with it however, her issue does not get any better. In such a scenario If you wish, you can make your own shampoo and strengthen the hair. In this article, we will explain what you need to do to create this type of shampoo.

After cutting onions, you usually dispose of the peels as unusable, however you can make use of it to make shampoo. Not just the onions juice but the peels can also be very beneficial for hair. Learn how to make shampoo.

For this , you will need-
Onions – 3 to 4
1 glass of water
Tea leaves, 2 teaspoons
Amla powder – 2 tsp
Aloe vera juice – 1 tsp

What is shampoo What is shampoo? To make shampoo, first peel the onion, then separate the peels. Then, wash your peels well. Then , add 1 glass of water, amla powder aloe vera juice, and 2 tablespoons of leaf tea leaves to an oven and cook until it reaches a boiling point. Once it’s at an overflowing boil, reduce the heat. It will cook for approximately 30 minutes. After cooling, place it in an empty bowl. Add some mild shampoo. Put it in the container and place it in the refrigerator.

What is it and how do you make use of it?To make use of it, first, you need to put shampoo in a mug that is proportional to the size of your hair. Then, you fill it up with half water and mix it well. Then, apply shampoo into the hair and gently massage it by using your hands. After that, wash your hair with water. While you’re at it If you are smelling bad due to onions, you can wash your hair with rosewater and add it to it. In addition If you’ve been oiling your hair then you can apply this shampoo.

Benefits of shampoo – This shampoo makes hair strong, thick and shiny.

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