Rosemary Oil uses for Hair fall-Hair Care Tips

  • There are numerous products that are designed to treat losing hair.
  • The oil of rosemary has been becoming popular as a hair growth treatment.
  • One editor tried rosemary essential oil to help with hair loss. Find her results here.

My hair has begun to thin as I’ve aged and every year, it’s only getting worse. I’ve tried a variety of various products that claim to grow my hair faster, or even stop hair loss and shedding completely. You can imagine, the majority of products I’ve tried do not perform immediately, and it requires at least a couple of weeks to get any results, if any.

If I’m testing products for hair loss I generally determine whether it’s working through certain key factors. The first thing I look at is the amount of shedding I feel over the course of the night. If I wake up to find there more than five hairs in my bed, I’m sure that whatever I’ve tried isn’t working.

The other thing I look at is how much I shed after washing my hair. After shampooing, I generally go through my hair using conditioner, then gather the hair that I shed into a single clump and set it on the floor of my bathroom to throw away in the future. If I’m feeling particularly scientific, I’ll sometimes take pictures so that I can check the appearance when I first took it and what it appears when I get there. If the hair seems large, I’m sure I’m losing a lot of hair and if it’s quite small, it’s an excellent chance that what I’m applying to my head is working.

In my search for ways to stop losing hair, hair loss and even encourage hair growth, I came to a remedy that was a cult rosemary essential oil. If you’ve never heard of making use of rosemary oil, you’ve likely at the very least smelled or seen rosemary at least once throughout your lifetime. The herb has a distinct wood scent that’s charred, and it is reminiscent of pepper, and is commonly used in cooking. When it is used in the beauty industry the oil of rosemary is renowned for its ability to boost hair growth.

“Rosemary oil boosts blood circulation to the scalp and kills bacteria that block hair follicles,” Gaby Longsworth, Ph.D. Scientist licensed hair specialist and the founder and owner of Absolutely Everything Curly, previously spoke to POPSUGAR. “It also relaxes the smooth muscles, which may increase blood flow to the scalp’s vessels as well as hair follicles.” This could stop hair follicles being deficient in blood supply and possibly dying, which can cause hair loss.

Additionally, a study conducted in 2015 revealed that the essential oils of rosemary were utilized on female and male patients suffering from Alopecia (an auto-immune disorder which can cause hair loss) The oil was shown to be just as efficient as minoxidil, which is the principal component in Rogaine. The study also revealed that rosemary oil could help with itchy scalps, something I’ve been experiencing since my youth.

After reading all the studies and testimonials of users who have used the essential oil, with good outcomes I decided to give it a go for myself. I purchased a bottle the 365-day supply of Whole Foods Market Rosemary Essential Oil ($13).

When I was researching the best method use rosemary oil on hair, I discovered that most people put it into their shampoo or in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. Since I do not wash my hair every day , and I would like to apply the essential oil every day I decided to put it to the almond oil to apply as a oil for hair and scalp.

The first time I tried it I wanted to make sure that the oil matched my scalp, which is why I performed the test by placing a patch of it in my ears. After 24 hours, and I did not notice any signs of swelling or redness, I was confident to apply it all over my scalp.

I made a mixture of 2 to 4 drops rosemary oils with 5 drops Amazon’s Pure Body Naturals Almond Oil ($9). Then I massaged this oil blend onto my scalp for approximately one-to-two minutes in order to evenly distribute the oil throughout my scalp. If there was any oil I applied it to my hands as if it were an oil for hands and then gently combed my hands throughout my locks. I was able to immediately notice that while I felt it was hydrating my hair but it left my scalp feeling just a little bit oily.

Alongside oiling my hair and scalp each day, I take care to be gentle when it comes to my hair. I rest my head on the Zimasilk Silk Pillowcase ($29) purchased from Amazon and utilize the Slip Silk Skinny Scrunchies Hair Ties ($39) when I want to style my hair.

I’ve been following this routine for about a month and then, after a couple of weeks, I started to notice a change. I was not shedding less as I used to, and my scalp appeared more moisturized as well as less itchy it does normally. My hair also has been colored and I didn’t experience any issues using this product on my color-treated hair.

In terms of negatives, I have found that using this oil may be quite messy. My hair is fairly delicate, and I think that large amounts of this oil would weigh my hair down when I applied excessively. I wouldn’t recommend applying this oil every day to people with thin, fine hair, but if wash your hair daily or have hair that is thick it’s fine. In the near future I’ll likely purchase a rosemary oil specifically for hair, such as the Allpa Botanicals Rosemary hair Oil ($27).

Overall, I’m planning to keep using the essential oil of rosemary in my routine for hair care, as I’ve observed a change in only a few days I’m hoping to see more outcomes in the coming months.

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