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Suffering from Hair Loss ? Identify its type first…!!


Being aware that you’re starting to lose your hair could be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally. Your hair is something you love and is an aspect of you that helps you feel good about yourself If it starts losing its hair, being depressed about it is normal. There are methods of tackling and preventing loss of hair, and options such as the possibility of a transplant. transfer in Turkey which can allow you feel more confident. Have you ever thought about why hair loss occurs? We’ll explore the different causes and the ways they occur below.

Male pattern hair loss

A few hair loss issues are genetic. male pattern baldness commonly called androgenetic alopecia can be seen in females and males. It is usually easy to determine the presence of genetic baldness by the loss of hair from certain places in the forehead. The hair will start receding from the front and form an M shape . It may begin to thin on high up, near the crown, leading to the appearance of a bald patch. Women’s hair doesn’t necessarily receding but becomes thinner with time. It is a common occurrence for men as they grow older, which is an indication of ageing. There is no treatment for male pattern baldness however, medicines may be used to stop hair from falling out, or hair transplants may be considered.


Alopecia (also known as Alopecia Areata is a condition that is caused by the body’s immune system attacking its and hair follicles. It is an autoimmune disorder however it can also be caused by stress in the mind. It could be as simple as small patches of hair loss on the scalp to small patches about an inch in size however, it can also lead to complete loss of hair. It may also be a problem for eyebrows and eyelashes. In some cases, hair is not able to grow however, in other instances it will eventually regenerate.

Hair Shedding – Telogen Effluvium

The process of losing hair is commonplace for many of us, since the hair has to fall out to create space for the growth of new hair. However, if hair starts falling out in greater amounts and in greater numbers, it could indicate that something is not right. There could be a myriad of reasons that cause hair loss such as the effects of stress, weight loss and a change in the food habits, or hormonal changes in the body. In this situation you might notice your hair becoming thinner or a rise in the quantity of hair you’re losing. Hair does not disappear in this situation however, it will be resolved in about nine months.

Traction hair loss

This is sometimes known as the traction alopecia. If you’re a hairdresser and wear it in certain ways is the most common reason for this. It is caused by styling it in methods that pull your hair over lengthy periods of time for example, wearing it tightly in a bun or ponytail or braids. When you have hair that’s long tied back, it is required, for instance, in certain workplaces, this could be necessary. Make sure that you don’t lie down with your hair pulled tight or investing in plastichair ties that are coiled instead of elastics can help to stop hair loss this manner.

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