The National Hair Care Company Nyle Naturals new brand ambassador is Erica Fernandes

Chennai 10th of March (PTI) The fast-moving consumer goods company CavinKare changed its flagship hair care label Nyle Naturals and has unveiled several new variations according to the city-based company on Thursday.

The company announced that as part of its revamping program it has enlisted the actress Erica Fernandes as the brand ambassador for Nyle Naturals shampoo.

CavinKare announced it will launch three different shampoos that are shiny and soft as well as anti-dandruff and healthy and strong — changing the positioning of the brand to be an anti-hairfall line of shampoos.

The company is associated with the design and branding firm Almond Branding, Mumbai and has launched a brand new TV commercial in the revamping process.

“We are revitalizing Nyle Naturals as a steadfast anti-hair loss range that is more suitable for those who are constantly worried about hair loss. We want to solve hair fall as well as other issues with the most modern, natural solutions the business head-personal Health, Raja Varatharaju said.

We are hopeful of winning the younger customers who are more conscious and aware of their purchasing options and the needs of their. Nyle Naturals shampoo has also updated its packaging to provide it’s more practical and elegant layout that allows for greater impact on shelves as well,” he added.

Its Nyle Naturals shampoo variants starts at just Rs 49 for 90ml and increases to Rs 395 for an 800ml version. The anti-dandruff version starts at $58 for 90ml and can be priced up to the price of Rs 445 for an 800 ml The statement said.

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