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The reason why henna could be more effective than dyes for hair in covering grey hair!

It’s time to give your hair a fresh refresh as the season of giving gets closer! Don’t fall into the chemical coloring trap if silver hair strands are making you feel uncomfortable. Instead, go natural and try using henna to color your hair grey; it’s nourishing for hair as well as its roots.

The aging process of hair is becoming more prevalent in people due to their reckless and uncontrolled lives. Henna or Mehendi is extensively used to dye hair naturally as opposed to the modern-day dyes that are chemical-based hair that have been evolving recently. Henna leaves were once harvested and then crushed to create an emulsion. Numerous companies today have created their own products made from henna.

For instance it is true that henna powder has increased in popularity in recent years because people are more concerned about sustainability. Making henna paste has also been easy and quick with the henna powder!

Be sure to conduct thorough investigation and be aware of all ingredients of the product you purchase. For best results mix the paste yourself after you have purchased the leaves if keen on making your own henna-based mask for hair.

There are many instructions for making a Henna paste at home and then apply it correctly online on the Internet. We will discuss the advantages of using henna to cover hair, and the primary reasons for applying it to cover gray hair!

3 advantages of using henna to treat gray hair

  1. Henna is a natural nourishment conditioner

Vitamin E is found in the henna. It helps promote healthy scalp function as well as functions as a natural antioxidant to promote hair growth. Comparatively to other options available it’s an excellent hair mask. For the best results, away from products that contain many chemicals. The nutrients and moisture that are in the scalp could be removed through rough cleansing.

  1. Healthy scalp

Henna has a great expertise in managing scalp’s pH levels. It is a natural dye that can help to calm down glands that produce oil. The antioxidants and proteins present in abundance in henna can stimulate hair follicles and encourage healthy hair roots and reduce hair loss.

  1. Dandruff is reduced

The amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties in this organic dye ease any scalp itching , and help keep it properly nourished and free of the dandruff. It’s a nearly permanent method of removing dandruff.



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