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This British Celebrity Hairstylist launched the Haircare Brand under $23

There was a time when you had two options regarding hair care. There were low-cost products from the drugstore packed with fillers and silicones and expensive salon products that were approved by your hair stylist. This is no longer the case. Today, hair care products that are healthy are readily available in the drugstore as well as at major retailers and at prices that are less than half the price of a regular purchase. Arkive Headcare is the latest product to try, and comes from British hair stylist Adam Reed.

Why “headcare” instead of just hair care? The answer is that Reed is always transparent about his mental health journey and decided to create a line that combines scientifically-proven ingredients and “feel-good scents” to give you a better shower experience. The first 10 products are designed for any hair type, something I was unsure about initially, but was surprised by the outcomes. (More about this in the future.) It’s all about maintaining hair strands to ensure you have the best hair, and using styling tools for extra volume, texture, and definition.

All Day Everyday Shampoo $18

Shampoo – ARKIVE© Headcare

Let’s talk about the scents. Each fragrance is comprised from the two Arkive Signature scents. Future Bloom features top notes of mandarin, rhubarb , and currant. It has a middle of white florals , and the base is vanilla tea rose, white Musk. It’s warm and floral. On the other hand the scent of No One Elsie has a refreshing scent, with top notes of rhubarb and tomato leaf and a middle of honeysuckle and redcurrant as well as the base is palo santo and vetiver.

I was concerned that the scents would overpower me in the shower, however they’re not overwhelming in any way. Both scents smell wonderful and only linger over my locks. I was also unsure if the conditioner and shampoo were sufficient in terms of hydration for my dry, over-processed and dry hair however, I was right. My hair was smooth and soft straight out of the shower and dried with less frizz. (I utilized the Prologue hair Primer to protect my hair from the heat.)

This Future Youth Treatment Mask is particularly useful when you require a bit of more moisture.

The Future Youth Treatment Mask $22

Treatment Mask – ARKIVE© Headcare

The most appealing feature? The most expensive items cost just $22, so it’s more convenient to try the various products available in the range. The products are all sold out and can be purchased in the Space N’K store at Bloomingdales.


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