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This multi-peptide hair treatment has saved my scalp It’s cost is only $18.

It also helped to increase my growth around my thin hairline. Through over the years, I’ve damaged my naturally thick and wavy hair. I was once an athlete, which meant myself pulling my hair back very close and wearing my wigs all day and making my hairline feel rough all day. In addition to the continuous over-styling and tying my hair, I’ve flipped from blonde and brunette, and I tend to apply intense heat to my hair and it’s no wonder my locks suffer from a lot of breakage. My scalp also is rough and dry.

However, it wasn’t until recently that I realized the extent of damage I’ve done. I began to notice thin and short pieces of hair around my hairline, the most prominently on my right. I was in need of a solution for my hair’s growth and dry skin problems According dermatologists, a solution can exist in correct scalp serum.

The search I made for one lead my across The Ordinary and it’s cult-favorite Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density. There’s a ton of buzz around the popular product, with many reviewers raving about it on TikTok (the #theordinaryhairserum hashtag currently has over 3.2 million views on the platform). I’m already a huge supporter of the brand, and have seen excellent results with its products for skin care in the past. I was eager to test the treatment for my hair and see what all the fuss is about.

The Normal Multi-Peptide Serum to Increase the density of hair

What is the normal Multi-Peptide Serum Do?

The multi-peptide serum can be used as a leave-in treatment “designed to help support your scalp and provide you with the fuller, more dense and thicker hair” per the company. The water-based formula has three peptides that are key to its success which include Redensyl, Procapil and Baicapil — that The Ordinary says can target stem cells and boost the flow of blood to your scalp. It is also designed to work with any hair texture or type.

How often should you apply The Ordinary hair serum?

For the best outcomes, the manufacturer suggests that you apply some drops of the serum on hair that is dry ,clean hair at evening, and then massage it onto the scalp. I wash my hair two times every week and was worried that applying a full dropper of the serum could cause it to feel and appear dirty. However, it did not! I found the formulation to be extremely light and also. Because I wanted to see some improvement in my hairline I applied the product in the areas I noticed the least thinning.

The company recommends testing patches prior to use and not apply to skin that is broken. They also recommend not mixing it with other products that include direct acids Vitamin C, salicylic acid, and its Resveratrol 3.3 percent + Ferulic Acid serum 3.

I began applying the serum to my hair regularly in June. Since then I’ve noticed huge improvements on my scalp and hair. I’m no more getting itchy all day long (unless I’ve gone for too for too long not washing my hair) and the flaking has completely gone. Additionally, my hair’s strands and skin were dry and scaly, but now they’re moisturized and hydrated.

While bad habits aren’t easy to stop (I did my hair an ombre-style in August) however, I am still feeling that my regular use of this product has begun to heal my hair’s many years of abuse. My hairline is more full, and new growth is beginning to show. There are even family members and friends commenting on how long my hairstyles have become over the course of summer. Overall, I’m happy with the way my whole head of hair appears and, perhaps most important, it feels healthier.



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