Vitamin B12 For Good Hair And Skin-Hair Care Tips

Vitamin B12 deficit The unusual changes in hair and skin can be caused by low levels of vitamin B12.

VITAMIN B12 deficiency can be so strong that it could alter the way someone looks. In addition to more obvious signs like jaundice or appearing more pale, odd marks on the face or hair growth are not as well-known indicators to look out for.

Vitamin B12 is an emulsifying vitamin that is naturally present in many food items, but is also added to other and can be purchased as a supplement to your diet and as a prescription drug. Vitamin B12 is necessary to develop, myelination and functioning that is involved in central nervous systems, healthful red blood cells production and DNA creation. Looking less than your best due to a range of strange changes could be due to a deficiency in B12.


One of the primary symptoms of the disease is the appearance of an array of skin spots.

Many people suffering from a B12 deficiency get a number of skin spots that are white according to the charity Thyroid Patient Advocacy.

They’re generally seen around the exterior of the forearms however, they may appear almost everywhere.

It is believed that they’re caused by a deficiency of melatonin within that particular region within the body.

The longer spots remain untreated, the more likely to develop a flaky appearance The site advised.

One study , conducted by the National Library of Health, explored the atypical symptoms on the skin and hair that are caused by the low B12 levels.

The study found: “Cutaneous manifestations associated with vitamin B12 deficiency include hyperpigmentation of the skin, vitiligo, the angular stomatitis, as well as hair loss.

“A confirmation for vitamin B12 deficiency is usually omitted in the beginning because the signs aren’t exclusive for vitamin B12 deficiency on its own.”

How do low levels affect your hair

If the vitamin B12 concentrations are too low hair follicles might not be in a position to produce new hair as effectively which can lead to hair loss.

A vitamin B12 deficit can cause symptoms of anaemia. It is a result of lower levels of iron as well as hair loss and loss of hair.

It is important to know that it is important to note that a B12 deficiency doesn’t cause hair loss but instead hair loss.

Experts suggest that the most effective way to increase hair growth is to use supplements.


Another review focused on the case of a patient suffering from hyperpigmentation in the dorsum area of her toes.

No hyperpigmentation was observed on the palm creases and flexures.

“The hyperpigmentation that is caused by vitamin B12 deficiency occurs more frequently for patients with darker skin,” said the study.

The report included: “Few other cases of skin hyperpigmentation due vitamin B12 deficiency are documented in the medical literature.

“The mechanism for hyperpigmentation is caused by increased melanin synthesis instead of an issue with melanin.”

The best source of vitamin B12 are animal products and breakfast cereals that are fortified.

Adults require about 1.5mcg daily of Vitamin B12 each throughout the day.

The majority of people who consume meat products ought to be able to absorb sufficient B12 from their daily diet.

However, those who adhere to an omnivore diet could have a risk for deficit, as warned by the NHS.

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